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Who We Are

Introducing Playa, a digital sports platform where users can find and book sports and venues based on their preference. At Playa, we are dedicated to creating memories, connecting people, and enhancing people's wellbeing through sports. Whether it's tennis courts, badminton courts, cricket fields or football pitches, we have them all. Pick your desired sports venue, day and time that suits your schedule to book a session instantly. By making sports more accessible, we hope to encourage more people to use the facilities we provide.



We're on a mission to help everyone become the very best playa they can be


Have every person and every great venue become a playa



Sports play a major role in bringing people together, enhancing well-being, and fostering community for us. While there were a lot of resources online, finding and booking local sports facilities and pitches, getting involved in classes, activities and teams, was still a challenge. Growing up as sports enthusiasts ourselves, we realized the need for an online booking system for sports, which led us to develop Playa, an online booking system that handles several aspects of customer needs when it comes to booking sports and venues. Playing sports is easy across the UAE with us. Enjoy the game with Playa.

Ahmed Al Hadithy

Head of Operations


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